Entombed Review

Enter a world where your wits are the only thing to save you from an untimely death. In Entombed, you must pit yourself against the deviousness of an ancient people as you seek to discover their fate — and protect your own life in the bargain.

You play an archeologist who, while conducting a dig in a remote part of Tarsus, fell into a dark cavern when a portion of the ground he stood on collapsed. He discovered a musty book, and when he opened it, he learned that it was the journal of a Dr. Henry Who, a fellow archeologist who disappeared several years ago.

You find out that the cavern he is in dates back to ancient Egyptian times, and the people who created it were a very secretive and paranoid race. The underground realm you are about to explore contains an abundance of traps and puzzles, and you must solve each one in order to survive.

Fortunately, Dr. Who has provided you with his notes and clues about the puzzles. Although they won’t give you the answer directly, his notes will help keep you alive for some time.

This demo will take you through level one of this puzzling world and you’ll be challenged with tasks ranging from turning on the lights to bypassing floor traps. It won’t be easy, so make sure you use the journal you found as much as possible.

With some stunning graphics and challenging puzzle-play along the lines of Myst or Jewels of the Oracle, Entombed is sure to push your puzzle solving prowess to its limits.