FIFA Soccer '96

Just when you were convinced that it couldn't get any better than FIFA International Soccer, a 1994 PC Gamer Award winner, along comes FIFA Soccer '96. Using their new virtual stadium technology, Electronic Arts has improved on an already great game. You can watch the game from just about anywhere in the stadium, and the views change to follow the action. The commentary is just as thrilling, and the gameplay is as smooth as ever with some fantastically modeled players.

This demo will let you pit your skills against either Brazil or Italy, but you can still scroll through the different teams to see what the full version has in store. You'll have one two-minute half to see just how good a player you are.

There are several camera views to choose from, as well as many gameplay options such as skill level, turning fouls on and off, and setting whether or not your players can be injured during gameplay. You can access these controls through the menus presented to you when you start a game.

We recommend using a gamepad for control. Use button one and a direction to pass, and button two to shoot at the goal. Keyboard controls consist of the directional and shift keys. Press and hold Alt and a direction to pass, and press the spacebar to shoot. Pressing control or A will lob the ball up the field, and if the ball is in the air, the spacebar will make your player bicycle-kick or head the ball. Check out the README file in the FIFADEMO directory on the CD-ROM for more information.

Select the different camera angles by hitting the Escape key during play, and use the menu to choose how you want to watch the action (see sidebar). Or you can use the function keys to cycle between the different views. We've found that the Tele angle gives you the most comprehensive view of the field. We thought this game was so cool, we gave it an Editors' Choice Award.