Texture-mapped 3D graphics and convincing character animations are the high points of Bio forge.

While it had suffered from major delays throughout its production, Bioforge proved that good things come to those who wait. The outstanding 3D-rendered graphics and convincing character animations are reason enough to start playing Bio forge, but you'll keep playing it because of its dark, intriguing story, intense action, and clever puzzles.

It's an amazing hybrid: part graphic adventure, part arcade game, part movie - and all entertaining.

Story Mode Facts for Parents and Kids

As a parent, you are likely to have heard about Minecraft in recent years and this has probably led to the acquisition of the game. However, what is this ‘ story mode’ that they are now talking about and should you be buying this too? How does story mode compare to Minecraft for free? Luckily for you, we have an extensive review including all of the important details.

Developer - Available on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS, Minecraft: Story Mode has been developed by Telltale Games which is known for Back to the Future, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Initially...

Entombed Review

Enter a world where your wits are the only thing to save you from an untimely death. In Entombed, you must pit yourself against the deviousness of an ancient people as you seek to discover their fate — and protect your own life in the bargain.

You play an archeologist who, while conducting a dig in a remote part of Tarsus, fell into a dark cavern when a portion of the ground he stood on collapsed. He discovered a musty book, and when he opened it, he learned that it was the journal of a Dr. Henry Who, a fellow archeologist who disappeared several years ago.

You find out that the cavern he


Abuse Review

There’s not a whole lot of story behind the game Abuse. But with stunning graphics, smooth play control, and lots of nasty monsters to kill, this looks like one of the best platform shooters we’ve seen since Blackthorne. And with a foundation like that, who needs story?

Your goal, basically, is to kill everything in sight and get out alive. You move your character with the arrow keys, using the mouse to aim your weapon by placing the cross-hairs where you want to shoot, and pressing the left mouse button to let the lead fly.

In the tradition of great shareware gaming, there are five levels


Greed is Good - Sometimes

Whoever said “It’s better to give than receive’ must’ve gotten a lot of underwear and ugly ties for the holidays. One thing’s for certain; he didn’t get a really good game or gadget for his PC, or he wouldn’t be so confused about this whole giving-getting thing.

We called our Holiday Extravaganza a “gift guide, as if you were going to study it carefully and find the perfect present for each of those friends and relatives who love computer games. But you’re the PC Gamer reader. We know when you check out our cover feature, you’ll be doing the same thing we did when we wrote it — putting t


Holiday Extravaganza

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what could make you jollier than a great, big holiday gift guide from your friends at PC Gamer? Join us as we take a look at the hottest games; review some of the best in hardware, from joysticks to virtual reality; and examine the coolest multimedia we could get our hands on. All this, plus twenty previews of the newest games for the holidays, should keep you busy until the New Year!

FIFA Soccer '96

Just when you were convinced that it couldn't get any better than FIFA International Soccer, a 1994 PC Gamer Award winner, along comes FIFA Soccer '96. Using their new virtual stadium technology, Electronic Arts has improved on an already great game. You can watch the game from just about anywhere in the stadium, and the views change to follow the action. The commentary is just as thrilling, and the gameplay is as smooth as ever with some fantastically modeled players.

This demo will let you pit your skills against either Brazil or Italy, but you can still scroll through the different teams