Story Mode Facts for Parents and Kids

As a parent, you are likely to have heard about Minecraft in recent years and this has probably led to the acquisition of the game. However, what is this ‘story mode’ that they are now talking about and should you be buying this too? How does story mode compare to Minecraft for free? Luckily for you, we have an extensive review including all of the important details.

Developer - Available on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS, Minecraft: Story Mode has been developed by Telltale Games which is known for Back to the Future, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Initially released as separate chapters, the whole story can now be bought from physical games stores as well as the online stores.

Background - Essentially, the story revolves around a male or female character called Jesse who has to fight zombies, solve puzzles, and talk to characters in order to progress. In each conversation that the player has, there are numerous options and the chosen response impacts the story. Rather than walking around doing whatever you want, this story mode follows an episodic adventure.

Story - As mentioned, Jesse is the controllable character and they are joined by a group of friends who are looking for The Order of the Stone, a group of adventurers. In the Order, there are four specialists in the world of Minecraft - Grief-er, Architect, Warrior, and Redstone Engineer.

Difficulty - As all facets of Minecraft have been designed for all ages, the story is easy to follow and doesn’t offer too many extremely difficult moments. With each episode around two hours long, the whole story will take some investment to complete. Over the story, there is a focus on the narrative but some decisions will be required within a certain time limit which needs quick reactions. If no option is chosen, the character in-game will have ‘no response’.
Age Range - In both the UK and the US, this game has been given an age rating of 12 years and over. With a PEGI 12 rating, the developers have suggested that the mild bad language mean that it shouldn’t be played by those younger than twelve. For Minecraft itself, their rating is 7+ so it was a surprise to many that the story mode version was only available to 12+. However, the developers have said that they were looking towards an older audience. Although the rating has been given mainly for the mild bad language, there are also some suspenseful moments and zombie attacks that may scare younger audiences.

- Overall, this has been a stunning addition to the game and one that has proven to be popular. When kids start to tell you that they are bored with the main game because they have ‘done everything’, this would be a great purchase to keep the fun coming!

Now you know what story mode is about, just make sure you talk to your kids about time management before they play their heads off.